Solutions by Applications

Being aware of your surroundings is pivotal to staying safe. It is a concept taught to military and law enforcement. Knowing what’s going on around you can help you make better decisions. With our services, not only will you be aware of your surroundings, but you can also alert the authorities, friends, family, and even your neighbors. You will have access to a map with the latest threats or alerts issued by your local and state authorities, your neighbors, and SIRTAF. If you see something suspicious, you can report it confidentally. You will be made immediately aware of riots, active shooter events, weather alerts, and much more. During a crisis you can communicate directly and securely with your local police, fire, and EMS departments. If you feel threatened or in danger, you can activate a panic button that will inform local authorities of your issue and location. You can even be alerted if one of your neighbor’s alarms goes off. Friends and family that you designate can also be alerted. Want to join a local community watch, get updated on contagions in your local area, or find a route around riots; no problem. SIRTAFs family of services can support you.

Introducing a new era of family safety and security. Raising a family and keeping them safe in today’s environment has become a nearly impossible task. Staying informed about threats in your area, securing communication with loved ones, and finding each other during a crisis are all critical to family safety. With our services you can keep track of each other, communicate securely, and warn each other if necessary. If your children are at school and an active shooter event happens, communications at various levels of law enforcement and emergency services will begin. Those are monitored by SIRTAF and you will be notified immediately along with instructions on where to meet up with your children. Instead of public announcing rally points, these could be communicated securely through SIRTAF to parents of children by school administrators and police. If you get separated, you can easily find each other. In a family account, anytime an alert is issued by a member of the family, everyone is immediately made aware of what’s happening and where. Allowing loved ones to find each other and helping to guide first responders to exactly where they are needed.

Your business and your employees are everything. Staying aware of threats in the area will help you make decisions that can protect your employees and your assets. If an employee has an issue or sees a suspicious individual, they can quickly and quietly communicate that to the entire workforce. Integrate with thermal sensors and the entire workforce is made aware the moment someone enters with a fever, allowing a quick and safe response. A riot is approaching and an alert is issued, you can see on a map where the threat is, allowing you to quickly respond, potentially saving lives and property.

In nearly all major incidents, the EOC is the information hub that guides the counties response to a crisis. Having access to all those who live within your jurisdiction in real-time can improve response times and precision. After a tornado, request damage reports from those affected. Quickly alert and spin up search and rescue. See on a map everyone who has declared an emergency providing critical situational awareness when moments count. Access our list of vendors and request equipment to support your operations quickly and securely. Integrate security alarm data, weather data, and even unmanned systems. Providing you a truly common operational picture. During mutual aid incidents, bind departments and agencies together in moments and enable coordination and collaboration.

During a medical emergency, minutes and even seconds count. Get triage data prior to arrival on scene. Using the START triage method, individuals can conduct a quick and simple field triage and send the report to first responders as they are being requested. Mass casualty events could easily be categorized and assessed even while EMS is still on their way.

Instead of wondering what’s going on during an active shooter or riot, communicate discretely and securely with those in trouble. If someone requests police support, their location and ID is immediately relayed to the responding officer. That responding officer can now text them directly without compromising names, phone numbers, or the officer's location, keeping law enforcement actively in the real-time loop while simultaneously keeping them safe is critical to mission success.

Active shooters, fire and severe weather events are all crippling situations to deal with, especially when large numbers of children are involved. During an attack on a school, instead of making an announcement over the PA, which the bad guy is listening to, send out discrete messages to staff and students through their app. Track the location of all students and faculty during an emergency, issue rally points, get triage and damage reports, even communicate directly through secure messaging to stay in the know. You can send out alerts and messages to parents with ease and send confidential messages on where parents should meet their children.

Keep your event staff on the same page. Coordinate schedules, plans, and alert each other as problems arise. During a crisis, quickly make decisions based on staff positions, status, and capabilities. Integrate thermal sensors for contagion early warning, quick alerts to indicate a threat in the building, and guide staff with map-based data to safe areas during an attack. Additionally, you can communicate with first responders though the app to indicate status and get updates. For equipment vendors, become available to emergency operations to provide equipment during disasters.

Imagine a Target Store where every employee has SIRTAF services on their cell phone. Control of crowded situations and real-time data for active threats will save lives and protect assets. Any action that one employee could take is cascaded to all staff. Integrate thermal sensors to be completely hands-free while checking the temperature of all patrons. Find out if a riot or other threat is nearby so you can take action to protect staff, patrons and property. Coordinate directly with first responders during a crisis. Discretely alert law enforcement and staff of a potential threat. Conduct a rapid headcount after an incident has occurred. Stay alert, stay connected, and stay safe.

As the police become more and more overwhelmed, community watch groups will become increasingly more important. Quickly alert each other to a problem. Request assistance from your neighbors or first responders. Communicate damage from a natural disaster. Even create a community intelligence database to keep each other informed of threats in the area. You can also choose to alert members of your community if your security alarm goes off, who can then respond immediately. If you live in a gated community, integrate with security patrol to stay informed. This will fundamentally improve responses to emergencies and give first responders critical information when they need to respond.

Solutions by Threats

EMT and first responders will appreciate the communications enabled by SIRTAF. Providing merged operations with all agencies responding and featuring map positioning if desired to the exact location of all responders and victims in the area. Using the START triage method, all users can conduct a simple and quick triage of a casualty as medical first responders are on their way, allowing medical personnel to quickly and accurately deploy help where it’s needed first.

When we say SIRTAF is built to military standards we're talking about security. Utilizing security best practices, design standards, and information protection; we work hard to protect your information. Private security firms will appreciate the capabilities provided by our services and applications. Allowing security professionals to coordinate and collaborate just like we do in the military. We provide GIS mapping solutions with asset and incident tracking as well as secure messaging and data sharing. Clients can build intelligence databases to augment and improve operations. Even integrate with alarm systems and other sensors to provide a whole operational picture - improving response time and precision. Additionally, being able to coordinate directly with first responders is a force multiplier and increases effectiveness of response measures.

Providing first responders, emergency managers and centers, as well as families and individuals a new toolset to respond to disasters. Emergency managers can issue requests to those in the affected area for damage reports. Taking the time to collect information on the level of damage over a wide area down to minutes, not hours. Keep those on the ground informed about search and rescue progress. Let victims send geographically tagged alerts requesting help. Rapid START triage methods available to all users, further improving the ability to categorize response plans.

Once the first shot rings out, the clock starts running and survivability is measured in seconds. Once a shooter is noticed or a sensor picks up the first shot, all users in the affected area and police are simultaneously alerted. With all users able to broadcast their position securely, first responders can get an idea on where help is needed first, and even help guide people to safety with direct messaging through our app. The START triage component will allow medical first responders to get a better idea of what is needed before they even get in to the affected area.

Our current emergency broadcast system does a good job of telling us there is a problem. But getting geographically pertinent information in real-time is critical to survival. Get and send alerts, request geographically tagged support, and even send pictures and videos to first responders so they can better assess the situation.

We’re experiencing a range of evolving threats to national health security – COVID, emerging infectious diseases, potential CBRN emergencies (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear). Built to collect, curate and share threat data, SIRTAF has the ability to cascade information down to all levels that need it. Inform first responders, patrons, and employees of a potential threat. Integrate with sensors to gather and assess real-time data. Distribute that data to those who need it. Even use our API to put on your website your current personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements and change it through your account gateway as needed. For employers, allow your staff to fill out a daily health check sheet to ensure they are healthy, and make good informed decisions when they are not.

Protesting is a fundamental right of all Americans wantint to exercise their first amendment rights. But these events can wreak havoc on businesses and travel. They can also sometimes become violent and unpredictable. Stay informed and alert others to what’s happening. Track alerts and updates in real-time, warn staff and/or patrons, get students to safety, the list goes on. If you have a strong community watch, you can reach out for help if you’re stuck or trapped. Alert law enforcement the moment something happens, allowing them to respond quicker and with more precision.