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Joint Strategic Infrastructure System

The JSIS provides the enterprise network infrastructure that supports all SIRTAF services. A collection of redundant services from domain name services, database services, software repositories, web and mobile application services, as well as real-time alert and messaging services. JSIS also contains additional API components for use with client or third-party systems.


- Strategic Domain Name Services (DNS) - Handles the name resolution of all domains and sub-mains within the JSIS network
- Single Sign On (SSO) - Allows one set of credentials, username and password, to access multiple systems
- Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Processing (SCIP) - Provides physical and virtual containerization of information with strong role, affiliation, and permissions-based access controls
- Multiple Security Level Access Controls (MSLAC) - Allows additional access controls based on a user's security access level compared to the information they are trying to access.