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ATHENA SIS Strategic Information System

The Strategic Social Media

ATHENA SIS is a social media styled environment for sharing of alerts, notifications, and messages. It also provides collaborative tools for organizations to coordinate with their members. Each user has a profile which is never shared unless the user expressly authorizes it. An organization can have its own page where it can pull its members in to share information.
Expected release is November 13th, 2020

Account Types

- Individual
- Family
- Group
- Enterprise (Expected in Early December)

Organizations such as non-profits, social groups, and community watch groups can create group pages to bring their members together in a secure way. Busineses and government can create enterprise pages with enhanced workforce management features and additional customization. Enterprise accounts will be available based upon their industry. No information is ever available to non-users. There will be no public pages. This allows secure and private workgroups to function safely.


- Social media styled individual and organization pages.
- Start, manage, and track projects, missions, and incidents.
- Map based displays of active situations for rapid understanding of your area.
- Issue and receive pre-formatted alerts and notifications from within an organization or from nearby users.
- Send/receive messages. Direct and group messages.
- View/track incidents, traffic and accidents on a map; providing a common operational picture.
- Accessible via web application. Mobile app coming soon and will be available to current users at no additional cost.
- Law enforcement can issue alerts to their jurisdiction and receive feedback in real-time securely.
- Users and organizations can send alerts to local law enforcement and first responders with geotagged information.
- EOCs can request damage reports from local users after a disaster, allowing rapid ingest of pictures and text reports.
- Integration with other SIRTAF applications.

Pricing and Availability

Enterprise Accounts

Enterprise accounts are separated in to several tenant systems to provide specialized toolsets and capabilties to specific industries.

Enterprise Tenants

- Retail
- Special Events
- Law Enforcement
- Government
- Education
- Aerospace